In Which Wonderbear Discovers Modern Chemistry

wonderbear3000: just put icy hot on my entire body from waist to neck
wonderbear3000: WHABOOM
wonderbear3000: haven’t done this in a while
wonderbear3000: wasn’t ready for it
wonderbear3000: i think my eyes are bleeding
wonderbear3000: haven’t even touched them
wonderbear3000: can’t see anything….. can’t open eyes
wonderbear3000: woof
wonderbear3000: open the window
wonderbear3000: turn the fan on
wonderbear3000: i feel like i’m having an upper body orgasm
wonderbear3000: oh god
wonderbear3000: no ho
wonderbear3000: no hot
wonderbear3000: just icy
wonderbear3000: soo sooooo cold