Every now and then, the Internet just kills a bitch.


I am in awe. 

I get home late after working through frakking Easter, and some no-budget geniuses have brought Amazon.com into a world of hurt

Every progressive on the internet has joined a pile-on against The Internet Store, condemning it as fanatical and fascist for censoring Gay and Feminist content. Censoring it all at once. On Easter-Passover weekend. In mid-afternoon. 

… really? 

With almost no one at work, on a day no one is shopping, they roll out a sub rosa Ban on Fags, across their entire site? At no profit to themselves? 

So within a few hours, Gawker Media, Feministing, Daily Kos and HuffPo, have all generated, at their own expense, books worth of Amazon-hate. Which their house authors will now absorb. And which needs to be argued against by Amazon, at massive expense.

Oh look. There’s a feature here on my browse window. If I wanted, I could "flag" any product as "objectionable."

I wonder if a few of my best friends and I did that, a hundred times, what their servers are programmed to do, with no editorial input?   

Well, no. I don’t wonder any more. But I am in awe. 

gentlemen … 


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