I’ve been re-working a post about the tragedy that is the American Right fighting an ally and fellow citizen to the death while worshipping our enemies. Which is worth words I may not have.

But meanwhile, it’s good to see we may have been right.

From today:

The Nicaraguan president took 50 minutes—he was allotted 10—to denounce U.S. aggression in the region, focusing in particular on U.S. support of 1950s Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza and its "illegal" sponsorship of the Contras in the 1980s. He also criticized the embargo on Cuba and asked why the island was not represented at the summit. Obama, he declared, is "the head of an empire imprisoned by rules he can’t change." …  Obama, asked what he thought of the speech, reflected: "It was 50 minutes long."

Strong player. My team.

Some things are easy to appreciate.