Idiot Safari: Savanna Seduction

In the inaugural episode of "Idiot Safari," the semi-regular blog of inane world happenings, Warthog and Bizzo discuss "Savanna Seduction" OR "How To Kill Time In Malawi."

Warthog: sure but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you get sick
Warthog: Cop: Hey you there! SHEEP FUCKER!…DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE!?!
Warthog: OMG it is spreading...
Warthog: Little known factoid…"According to some information sourced on the internet, bestiality was punishable by death under the Mosaic Law."….thank you Africa News
Bizzo: Fears of the Swine Flu have receded, replaced by a creeping pandemic of Goat Sex Fever.
Warthog: hahahahahah
Bizzo: Which is like Cat Scratch Fever
Bizzo: Except terrifying
Warthog: ROFL
Warthog: "Kadewere is alleged to have had sex with a she-goat end last month."…."Makalani also revealed that Kadewere has been on the run ever since police were notified of the act." I love that juxtaposition
Warthog: Makalani: "FREEZE GOAT FUCKER!" Kadewere: "RUN BETSY!"


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  1. I folded the urls into hyperlinks and synched up the presentation to what we’ve been using the last few months. If you don’t like it, go ahead and change it back. Just laying out a reccomendation.

    Welcome back, Hog! 

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