BSOW: PGOAT ditriech style

ED NOTE: this week’s BSOW is just turrable

I know I’ve gone on record before with this but I don’t dance. Like at allsd1. I just am too self-conscioussd2 to even attempt to dance while sober and in front of other people. But it is important to this story. Obliquely, at least

Anyhoo, back in college, I had a crush on this girl who we’ll call Serenasd3. For like a whilesd4. In contrast to the rest of my crushes during this erasd5, I rarely saw Serena. I mean, we had maybe a couple of classes together early, and of course in the dining halls every now and again. But she seemed like she was rarely around.

Fast Forward to 2005, after a series of (extremely unlikely events that led to me to hanging out at the Beta Acland semi-regularlysd6. I was there one night during Senior week hanging out, and for some reason the conversation turned to Serena. It seemed as though everyone else there had the same general feeling about her: that she was comely, but unattainable. She just didn’t–or wouldn’t– talk to anyone on campus. After a while, and with enormous amounts of liquid courage Isd7 decided to go next door (which, conveniently, is where she lived) and talk to her. So we knocked on the door and her sister answered. Being that I was drunk (and that it was like 4 years ago now I don’t remember what I talked with her about), I do remember that I told her who I was, and that I wanted to talk to Serena, who she said was upstairs asleep. Or something. I then told her about how I had a crush on Serena for like 3 years, yet was scared to tell her for numerous reasonssd8. The primary one being that I was afraid she wouldn’t remember me. After chatting for about 2 or 3 minutes, I turned to leave.

As I was walking back to the Acland, Serena said "I remember you Alansd9." So we talked for a while, I’m pretty sure I told her I had a crush on her then I left and went home or to drink more or something. Actually, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Anyhoo, the next night was "80s dance party night" and "Midnight Breakfast" . Seeing as I don’t dance, I went for the breakfast option. Because bacon and hash browns are good at any time of day. But especially at like midnight. But, because I have a crippling addiction to 80s Power Popsd10 I went upstairs to listen for a while. And, because there wouldn’t actually be a point in telling you this if it was otherwise, Serena was there. We look at each other. I went over to talk to her for a while (while, natch, this song was playing), and then I left to go play Kings.

Not the most exciting story in the world, I know, but it is the reason why this song is in my head every three months or so.


Take Me Home Tonight – Eddie Money (f. Ronnie Spector)

Eddie Money (f. Ronnie Spector)
Take Me Home Tonight
Can’t Hold Back





sd1: Which, actually, is how a lot of these songs get chosen for BSOW. They either remind me of a time when I was dancing or make me want to dance.
sd2: Although I have graduated to not having to always have some one’s that [are] clean or a shirt with a team.
sd3: Which, actually, works on 2 levels and makes me especially giddy.
sd4: a) This actually happened a lot more between ’01-’05 than I would like to get intoa and b) Thankfully, doesn’t happen anymore. Crushes that is. The only Crush i now have is Orange
sd5: I actually called this era "The Lost Era" Mostly because w/r/t music, pop culture and the like I didn’t really participate in any of it. Because Kenyon’s cut off like that.
sd6: Of importance to absolutely no one, this Acland was also the site of my first and only foray into karaoke.
sd7: I admit it could have been someone else, but more than likely it was me. Because I do shit like this when I’m drunk.
sd8: Mostly because I was a pussy.
sd9: Honest to God those were her exact(ish words. It was like a movie or something.
sd10: You have no idea.



a: though, let’s be honest, i probably will