I hate you so much


The proof keeps coming that maybe we shouldn’t hand giant bags of money to lifeless monomaniacs whose only goal is to get in the news every month.

PETA is now blackmailing those Pike Place Market guys who throw fish (and should be given their own sporting league). PETA are demanding that unless they refuse to perform for a veterinary conference, that they will picket the market, then stalk and picket the homes of any doctor who participates.

Their demand? Use rubber fish instead.

Imagine if you got up every morning and this was your life. No really, you have to. I can’t, because I’d kill myself.

What bugs me most about this nonsense is that ST lede. Like it’s strange or ironic for PETA to be against veterinarians. It’s one of those lazy media assumptions groups like this thrive on.

Look, PETA is the enemy of both vets and humane societies. They are the enemy of doctors. They are the enemies of medical science itself. And if you read more than 5 pages into their core documents, they have major problems with this thing called human civilization.

They are stone. Cold. Fuck. Nuts.

And the only way they express themselves is to run in front of cameras and mess with some poor chump’s life, like they’re the goddamn Spanish Inquisition. But for fish.

YHWH, Gaia, whoever’s out there … please feed these people to something. 

Preferably something cute.