YouTube of the Week: I’m not finished yet

Anyone likely to be reading this knows I’m a fan of The Nostalgia Critic. A better than average youtube nerd who went viral, then entrepreneurial, and now runs a hub where geeks compete to be hired, so that they can review pop culture and nerd media, in his style, for pay.

And what the fuck have we done lately? 

He also put up the vid that made me interested in Michael Jackson. As a suburban white boy born after his high point, I had only been exposed to the tabloid stuff. I’d never seen a music video all the way through. I didn’t know he even wrote his own hits.

So whenever I think about MJ, I have this suprisingly fair and funny take to start from.

… all that, but mostly I can’t stop saying "Jamon Jamon Jamon!"


One thought on “YouTube of the Week: I’m not finished yet”

  1. I was actually talking to someone who’s first exposure to Michael Jackson was about 8-9 weeks ago. She fell in love and downloaded as much as she could. Whereas, the first cd  I ever bought was a Michael Jackson CD.

    Hell, I  remember when his videos used to be mini-events and come on during TGIF or something. Then again, i’ve always had music problems.

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