Always Bet With Black version 3.0

Welcome folks to the most wonderful time of the year. College football starts today, and (you lucky dogs you) so does perinnial cofabg favorite "Always Bet with Black." I’m ditriech, the ‘Black’ in this scenario, and I give you witty banter along with my collegiate football picks. Also, hopefully, the Dutchman will restart Always Bet with #000000, which was probably my favorite part of cofabg last year that I didn’t do.

Anyway, I know I only did 10 weeks last year, and I apologize to the one of you out there that noticed. It probably wont happen again. I’ll probably quit way earlier than that. But, my numbers from last year? Pretty pimp.

Last Year: 123-72-6 (.612)
Last Week: 11-5-1 (.647)
Rolling 3 Week: 36-16-1 (.679)

For this week, as per usually, I’m just going to do the top 25 and the Big Ten. <stephenasmith>HOWEVER!</stephenasmith>, that might change as the weeks progress. Just as a heads up. Also, for the majority of the top 25 picks I’ll be using the Yahoo! spreads. For all other games I’ll be usings the spreads at College Football Poll.Com. And away we are going.

USU @ (+24) Utah

i can't, I'm morman

Oregon @ (+4.5) BSU

Navy (-21.5) @ Ohio State
Apparently 93% of Yahoo! pick’em users pick State to win this game. I think they’ll win outright but two things. a) We are already going to honor them by clapping for them at the beginning of the game. I highly doubt Gov. Tressel is going to say "Alright boys, now lets kick the shit out of them b) Navy runs the Triple Option. Which, honest to God, is the most frustrating offense to defend againstsd1. Plus, because the Triple Option is run based, they’ll have the ball more, which cuts down on State Scoring Opportunities.

Akron (-27) @ Penn State

Northern Iowa @ (off) Iowa

Jacksonville State @ (off) GATech

(-5.5)UGA @ OkSU

SJSU (-33) @ USC
The spread has been trending down this week. But this is USC. The boys of Carrol like to score. A lot. So I’ll probably lose this one.

Nevada (-14.5) @ Notre Dame
I just plain don’t like Notre Dame

Citadel @ (off) UNC

Northern Colorado @ (off) The Fightin’ Manginos

FAU @ (22.5) Nebraska

Oklahoma @ (-22) BYU

Charleston St. @ (off) UF
More like FU amirite?!?!?!???

LA-Monroe(-42) @ Tixas

‘Bama @ (-6.5) VaTech
It’s been trending down and it is at Lane Stadium.

UMD (-21) @ Cal
I’m pretty sure this pick is solely because i know people that go to UMD

LSU (-17.5) @ Washington

the huskies win!
This will not be happening. Though if it did, it would be awesome.

Ole Miss @ (-17) Memphis
Ok, Ole Miss is probably my favorite SECsd2. But I’m not really sure how much I believe in them. Yet.

Tha U @ (+4) FSU
Fuck if I know.

Other Big Ten

EKU @ (off) Indiana

Towson @ (off) Northwestern

Montana State @ (off) MSU

Toledo (-13) @ Perdue

WMU @ (+11) TSUN
I feel like I might regret this.

Mizzou (-5.5) @ Illinois [St Louis, Missouri]
Did you know DFW was from Illinois? Well, mostly anyhow.

NIU @ (+13) Wisco


sd1: The first game I play, always in NCAA is Army/Navy. This year I was Army. And I wanted to punch things because its so beautifully done, and thus so fucking hard to stop.

sd2: And by "favorite" i mean "team I hate the least", natch