Always Bet With Black version 3.0.4

Last Week: 23-5-1 (.793)
Previous Week: 17-13 (.567)
Rolling 3 Week: 57-28-1 (.663)
YTD: 57-28-1 (.663)

Picks below the fold. I mean, I know I’m normally more verbose, but I have nothing really to say.

Ole Miss (+3.5) @ SCAR

yes, that is scar from BSG


USF (-14) @ FSU

UNC (-2.5) @ GATech

USM (-13.5) @ The Fightin’ Manginos!
From now on, they get a exclamation point with every win.

IU @ (+20.5) TSUN
This is not a representation of how good I think TSUN is. This is a representation of how bad I know IU is.

Fresno State (-16.5) @ UCin

LSU @ (-13) Miss. State

TCU @ (+2.5) Clemson

Tha U @ (-2.5) VATech

Illinois @ (+14) Ohio State
Hopefully, The Governor is able to kick the shit out of Illinois the same way he did Toledo. For me, mind you.

Cal @ (-5.5) Oregon
Here’s hoping that Oregon beats Cal and Cal uses that as fuel to destroy USC.

Arkansas @ (+17.5) ‘Bama

UTEP @ (+36) Tixas

UF @ (-21.5) Kentucky
I actually wrote FU. Seriously.

Colorado State (-17) @ BYU
Remember how I picked UTenn because I played with them in NCAA 10? The first time I played with was Col. State.

LA-Lafayette (-27.5) @ Nebraska

Grambling State @ (off) OkSU
I bet Grambling State wins the Battle of the Bands though!

Boise St. @ (-17) BGSU

ASU @ (+11.5) UGA

Iowa (-9.5) @ Penn State

Washington (-7) @ Stanford

Tixas Tech (-1) @ Houston

Wazzu (-45.5) @ USC
Hey, wouldn’t it be a great moral victory for Wazzu if they came within like 7? Haha, but they wont.

Other Big Ten

Minny (-1) @ NU

MSU (-3) @ Wisco

ND (+7) @ Perdue
Seriously? Notre Dame is only getting 7? Perdue just lost to frakking NIU?

Two Minute hate time!


I hate Illinois. Everything about them. I hate Zook. I hate Juice. No, really, I haven’t had a cup of Juice since the day Mr. Williams stepped onto the field (this is a lie). I hate that he can beat us with his feet, and that he is exactly the type of quarterback that beats us on a regular basis. I hate the fact that they took Illibuck (who I am facebook friends with by the way) from us in 2007.




Illibuck is awesome. And my desktop
Saying Something Nice



Juice is a good Quarterback? I don’t _hate_ Illinois (the state) because both DFW and Will Leitch grew up there?

That’s it, really.


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