BSOW: Excitment

I am not an excitable person by nature. I’m just not. When I was in school I never got excited about good gradessd1. I wasn’t excited when I was named a starter for the first time. Nor, actually, about sex in general. This is more ore less because I figured these things were more or less inevitabilities. They were going to happen sometime or another. To me, it was like getting excited that you fell asleep or something. Not a big deal. So when I get excited about something, you can pretty much bet that it’s important. Or, you know, at least important to me.

What may or may not shock you is the fact that I am familiar with the inside of many bars. In fact, one could go so far as to say that I "love" bars and the "drinking atmosphere that is created within a bar as to make one seem like he isn’t such a big alcoholic". Theoretically. That being said, I’ve become accustomed to the typical music that is played in these establishments. And, in general I don’t like it. This is probably due to the fact that I stopped listening to the radio a while. So I really don’t understand the music the kids are listening to nowadays. However, every once in a the jukebox or the DJ or whatever will play a song that interest me. But, the only song that actually gets me excited in a bar is "Smells Like Teen Spirit"sd2.

I know that this might seem like a bit of a cop out as a BSOW pick. Mostly because I’m pretty sure that I’ve used it as a BSOW or S!O!TW! at some point in time before. Also, because it seems to be too easy. It’s probably Nirvana’s most mainstream and popular songsd3. And, this is true. With a gun to my head, it probably not even my favorite Nirvana song. Though, if you do have a gun to my head, you should hope that I don’t have one as well. I mean, uh, my favorite song would probably be "About a Girl". But, seeing as it is their most mainstream song, it is also the song that is most likely to be played in bars. So there you go. Also, I meant to write this BSOW for the first week of the season. But then, then I thought that I should save this for the beginning of the Big Ten season. Or somethingsd4.

Smells Like Teen Spirit


sd1: MR WAD’s comments: "That’s because you didn’t get any"

sd2: Technically, any Nirvana song. Also, technically I guess that "Postcards for Italy" by Beirut would do this too. But what bar am I going to hear that in?

sd3: This is probably because Kurt Cobain was delibrately trying to rip off The Pixes and was going for more of a pop style when he wrote it.

sd4: Ok, that’s not at all what happened. It’s Dutch’s fault. Now, I know what you’re saying. I’m blaming him because he’s a TSUN fan and the season has started and all, he’s an easy target. No. An easy target would be an Indiana fan. This is what happened. On Sept 4, at 0949 he sends me an email entitled "god i love QC". with this picture. Of course he know this would make me want to go back and read all of the QCs. And not write this post when I was going to. Damn you Dutch.