Rabbit Day: Week 4

This Week: 13-12-1 (.500)
Last Week: 23-5-1 (.793)
Rolling 3 Week: 53-30-2 (.623)
YTD: 57-28-2 (.655)

Regressing to the meansd. I sorta knew that after last week’s absolutely wonderful week last week that I would suck this week. Though it is kind of weird that the week RN takes off, I have a week where I go .500. So, I’ll take whatever rabbits I’m supposed to get.


Seriously? Sado Bunny? Was it that bad?

It was? Ok. Fine.

Ole Miss (+3.5) @ SCAR
Seriously. Who is Ole Miss? Like what team is it? Are they Kat? Are they Reilly? Who are they?

the rabbit. the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.

USF (-14) @ FSU

UNC (-2.5) @ GATech

USM (-13.5) @ The Fightin’ Manginos!!
The Manginos live to fight another day!

IU @ (+20.5) TSUN

Fresno State (-16.5) @ UCin

LSU @ (-13) Miss. State

TCU @ (+2.5) Clemson

Tha U @ (-2.5) VATech
These are for you Miami. Or should I say U? No? I shouldn’t? Okay.

the rabbit.the rabbit.

Illinois @ (+14) Ohio State
Nice to see the Governor not letting up.

Cal @ (-5.5) Oregon
Jahvid wasn’t his best this game! Maybe he could have saved some of those touchdowns for this week!

Who am I kidding, he can still win the Heisman this year.

the rabbit. the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.

Arkansas @ (+17.5) ‘Bama
True story, I made fun of a ‘Bama fan throughout most of his time at the Rhino. He was to drunk to realize ‘Bama was up 21. I love me some me.

UTEP @ (+36) Tixas
Jesus Christ. Jesus. 7-64.

UF @ (-21.5) Kentucky

Colorado State (-17) @ BYU
The spread was 17. They lose by 19. This is the last time I trust anything about the state of Colorado. The drive should have showed me that. This is all my fault.

the rabbit.

LA-Lafayette @ (-27.5) Nebraska
Can anyone tell me why this game wasn’t off? Anyone?

Grambling State @ (off) OkSU

Boise St. @ (-17) BGSU
This is the last time I pick a team because they sorta look like the Browns. Actually, my first clue that they were going to lose was that they sorta look like the Browns. The jerseys, that is.

the rabbit. the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.

ASU @ (+11.5) UGA

Iowa (-9.5) @ Penn State
Fun Fact about the Rhino: It is also a Penn State bar. The Wisco game will be awesomesd2

the rabbit. the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.the rabbit.

Washington (-7) @ Stanford
Of course they get blown out. Because Stanford is light years past USC.


Tixas Tech (-1) @ Houston

Wazzu (-45.5) @ USC
Hooray for moral victories!

Other Big Ten

Minny (-1) @ NU

MSU (-3) @ Wisco
Final score was 38-30. But the game was nowhere near that close. Wisco destroyed TSUN-NW

ND (+7) @ Perdue
Ok, You’re Notre Dame. You’re trying to get people to think that your coach isn’t just some horrible fat slob. You know how you do that? YOU DONT BEAT PERDUE BY ONLY 3 POINTS AFTER THEY GOT MANHANDLED BY NIU. GUESS WHO ALSO GETS THE FUCK MOOSE. (NSFL).

sd: I’m not sure if that phrase is being used correctly. But I like the way it sounds.
sd2: The IU game is at 1900 and I doubt they’ll be many PSU fans hanging around. But the wisco game is 1530, and they should be hanging around.


One thought on “Rabbit Day: Week 4”

  1. I’ll be the first to admit that.

    But give us a fucking break. We’ve got two true freshman that, while better than our quarterbacks last year, still have a tendency to go “Oh for fuck’s sake, I’m a freshman,” and flail about spastically while throwing interceptions or getting sacked.

    We also were missing our center, and his replacement’s tendency to snap the ball like a sailor with Tourette’s curses cost us 70 – yes, 70! – yards.

    The 85-yard Indiana run in the closing minutes happened because a sophomore DT missed his assignment and a walk-on safety missed a tackle. Why are we playing walk-ons in the final minutes of a way-to-close game? Because on defense, that’s all we’ve got. Even our scholarship players are a) freshmen or sophomores and b) only marginally more effective than a solid scarecrow.

    Throw into the mix that Indiana, despite their cupcake opponents, was undefeated, which is a fairly rare thing to say about them three weeks in. Our only signature win was over Notre Dame, whose struggles with Purdue and a by-all-accounts-embarrassingly-awful Michigan State team hint that they may have been wildly overrated (as per usual). Maybe everybody – both fans and detractors – should calm down their expectations about Michigan and realize that the only real difference between this year’s team and last year’s 3-9 team is a pair of quarterbacks who don’t crap their pants the second they walk on the field and a slightly weaker defense. Yes. Weaker.

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