YouTube of the Week: Complete Awesomeness

A little known fact is that Dutch, Bizzo and I (me?) send a lot of emails to each other. And by "we send a lot of emails to each other" I mean "I send a lot of emails to Dutch and Bizzo and Dutch responds."


Ok, that’s not totally true. Dutch sends emails sometimes too. And Biz responds to 1/10sd of them. But still. A lot of emails. Some of them turn into posts, some of them are us just pretty much saying things like "Jesus", "That’s Awesome" and "Holy Shit."

This, my friends, fits into both categories.

I mean, I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but this is the Greatest YouTube Video ever. No. Seriously, It deserves the caps. It really is that good. I mean, we all agree about how awesome this one video is. And we never agree on anything. Except maybe drinking. And Zombies. And the Nortonic cause.

I digress Here:

I know it features "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project, which was firstsd2 featured prominently in the 90s Bulls campaignssd3. But still. It is the greatest thing you will ever watch on youtube ever.

You’re Welcome.

Like BHGPsd4 says:

Let’s recap what just happened. The mascot did all of the following in rapid succession:

1. Appeared from a constellation (Ursa Major, to be precise, and folks, this is one major fucking Ursa)
2. Exploded in a blue nuclear shockwave that destroyed an entire planet that was probably full of nonbelievers
3. Flew around space to Kenny Loggins’ classic "Highway to the Danger Zone," even though you’re not supposed to be able to hear things in space
4. Acquired a cosmic hockey stick from who the fuck knows where
5. Made its own fucking wormhole for intergalactic travel
6. Growled at everybody and bared its teeth
7. Used said cosmic hockey stick to knock a satellite into another dimension for no discernable reason
8. Made our moon completely explode by flying very close to it and growling again extra hard
9. Came to Earth in order to flatten the entire city of Anchorage with its atomic bomb powers
10. Ran over 300 miles to Fairbanks in about 5 seconds instead of showing remorse over the genocide it just committed
11. Found the one building in the entire city with electricity and tore its roof off
12. Jumped into said arena and wrecked the playing surface the teams were hoping to use
13. Made Metallica’s music play sheerly by force of will, and the good Metallica, none of this Whiskey in the Jaro[sic] shit
14. Went back into his own logo, which is now covered in exploding blue flames

Seriously, this video needs to be watch by everyone in America. It might even be able to solve the Health Care crisissd5. I know that I was sick before I watched it like 50 times, and now I feel better. Of course, that could be the vodka. You never know with me!

Watch it now. It made me like Alaska again.sd6


sd: I know, I know, if it was 1/5 it would be bettera.

sd2: Well, as far as my sports memory goes that is. And that’s pretty far

sd3: Who I hated. Seriously. I hate Michael Jordan. Yeah, I said it.

sd4: I know, I know, "why do I read an Iowa blog." I read a blog from pretty much every B10 team. And 2.67 SEC ones. So there you go. Plus OPS is awesome.

sd5: Haha, that part is a lie. Or Alai. I’m never really sure.

sd6: Alaska was my favorite state I would never go to before like August 08

a: Mighty Ducks reference. For those not in the know. Or not as obsessive. Whatever.

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