NCAA FB poll / ruminations, Week 6 edition

Since I’m sitting at home sick from work for a second straight day, I figured it’s about damn time I shared my Mumme Poll picks with you for this week. If you’re unfamiliar (shame on you), pollsters simply list 12 teams and only rank the top 5. And if you need to know something about how I poll, I don’t consider any team with one loss to be better than a team with zero losses. Sure, Kansas is probably due for a loss and would probably get creamed by Va Tech, but they haven’t lost yet so there.

Ranked portion (Mumme poll rank):
1. Alabama (poll rank — 1)
2. Iowa (poll rank — 6)
3. Florida (poll rank — 2)
4. Boise State (poll rank — 7)
5. TCU (poll rank — 13)

Unranked (6-12, alphabetical)
Cincinnati (poll rank — 8)
Kansas (poll rank — 17)
Miami-FL (poll rank — 9)
South Florida (poll rank — 19)
Southern California (poll rank — 5)
Texas (poll rank — 3)
Virginia Tech (poll rank — 4)

I was one of 14 people (out of something like 444) to put TCU in my top 5. Also, the highest ranked team I didn’t mention was #10 tOSU, which for the moment we’ll chalk up to not wanting to look like a homer, but if I’m being honest, tOSU, Oregon, GA Tech, LSU, Notre Dame, and Nebraska all look like teams that could jump up into these rankings before long.

FWIW, Kansas is overdue for a loss, and once that happens I’ll realistically drop them. Likewise, I would bet that South Florida is the loser of this week’s game against Cincinnati.

And now for the unexpected rant of the week, I’ve figured out who the Browns should draft to get themselves to the promised land at some point in the next five years. They lack any sort of impact QB, and one has been growing and developing in a neighboring state. I got to see him in the 2007 Motor City bowl, in what became a ridiculous slugfest (that he unfortunately lost).

Ladies and Gentlemen, your next Browns QB, Dan LeFevour.

1.) He’s mobile. When your offensive line can’t block to save their goddamn lives (if their name isn’t Thomas), you should maybe have a QB that can move. And that can throw on the run. And LeFevour fits the bill there.

2.) He’s been a four year starter. Sure, it’s the MAC, but he’s really been phenomenal for four years, won a bowl MVP as a freshman, came back from injury last season… he’s about as seasoned as you can get.

3.) Look at these two pictures. And tell me I’m wrong. LeFevour TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE Kosar. That’s enough reason, right there.

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  1. I think Football is an interesting game and I like it to watch not to Play.but your opinion is good and through this you can aware the young players for the poll.

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