YTOTW: Old Ghosts

I have been searching for this title for twelve years. Now a video blogger drops it in my lap.


I always thought it was from the HBO take on Tales From the Crypt, or a knockoff. That second story scared the screaming jeebus out of me. I got into a depressed funk over it. I didn’t want to sleep for weeks. Isn’t that weird? Stephen King as a retard whose farm gets eaten by plants? Why was that so disturbing.

I think because it’s unfair. You know that chisel-jawed scientist from 50’s monster flicks? Or Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park? That guy in zombie movies who used to be a cop. Creepshow doesn’t have that. It has these bumbling, greedy, ordinary folk. Tortured by forces they can’t comprehend. Come to think of it, maybe it’s a King staple. That’s part of what made The Mist so good.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK …

It’s pathos. Having the Predator fight Arnold is one kind of movie. Sicing him on Of Mice and Men is another. That second movie, while less action-packed, is scarier.

Ho ho ho.