We’re Back!


And full of quality ideas.

Bizzo: What happens in Qatar is, at best, confusing.
Likewise Bahrain and the UAE.
They read like some parable island from a kid’s book.
But you could take a plane there right now.
VSM: you trying to write something about that little pocket of the world?
Bizzo: I just might
Something specifically about Dubai, titled "Zeus’ Fossilized Pelvis."
Mostly so I can title it "Zeus’ Fossilized Pelvis."
VSM: hahaha
So it rains oil there, then? and thunders gold bars?
Bizzo: and every time lightning strikes, something is embossed in platinum.
VSM: tee hee
as long as swans aren’t coming down and impregnating the women, all is well.
though I suppose there could be some who would see the swan thing as "part of the experience"

VSM: ….mhm.
Bizzo: I’m saying your theory explains a lot.
VSM: 😀