BSOW: Think Tank

I have a friend who plays guitar. Well, actually, I have a lot of friendssd who play guitar. But! He’s the only one that I know that actually like plays in front of people. Normally, that is. Last week, he had a show and only three people showed up. Including me and his girlfriend. Luckily, it was on a day I absolutely needed to drink. But that’s not the pointsd2. There were only three people there. So, he got to basically do whatever songs he wanted. So, of course, he chose some originals. One of the songs was a breakup song. But, what he said was "Hey [ditriech] you’ll like this, it’s a breakup song".

Now, I did like the song. But the greater question is why do I like breakup songs. Because I honestly do. And it’s weird. I mean I’ve never had a bad breakup for mesd3 so there’s no way that I can Identify with these songs. Though, to be honest, some of the crushes that I’ve had might have completely skewed my views on what a relationship can and should besd4. This is all possible. But I don’t think it is the cause of my love for breakup songs.

Whatever the cause is, breakup songs resonate with me and, if you put me in a corner, with a gun to my head, I’d probably say that its for pretty much the same reason why I love Grunge music. There are few instances in which you (or, you know, the artist) are emoting so much. I mean, it’s definitely more evident in breakup songs than love songs to me. Partially, because breaking up is the most public private thing that most people do.sd5. Actually, that’s mostly the reason. Because after you break up, you are really able to let all of your feelings about the relationship go. Or something.

Anyhoo, this week’s BSOW is "Think Twice" by Eve 6. Which, is probably a breakup song. I don’t know. I’m just a blogger. Taking about relationships I don’t have.


"Think Twice" is frakking awesome. It is, at any given time, one of my top 5 favorite songs. Because it is so good. And, actually, it’s not about the lyrics. It is about (mainly) the guitar play. And the music. Because, woo-oo, I will listen to it. Especially if it is this song. So you should. So that I can not be alone in my love for this song.

Think Twice
Eve 6
It’s All in Your Head


sd: I think!
sd2: There’s that phrase again.
sd3: Technically, this is a lie. I had one bad breakup, but we are now friends so it doesn’t count. Right?
sd4: No, seriously, I could probably write a blog just about my crushes. Especially my facebook crush. Who a) I’m pretty sure lives in the dc area and b) we have 29 friends in common. But we’ve only met once. That I remember. And I sorta only remember because I didn’t ever meet her before and was struck by how much prettier she actually was.a
sd5: Ok, this actually is more relevant now because of facebook and so on, but it always was the truth. Especially like if you’ve introduced her them to your friends and you have mutual friends. There really is no way of getting around that conversation. Which is why I never kiss them on the mouth.

a: The reason I went into that is because it is the biggest crush I’ve ever had (though I’ve hinted at it. At least once in the EX I believe) that I’ve never actually talked to anyone about. And, to be honest, this just might be as far as I get in talking about ita1

a1: ok, "as far as I get" is a lie. Because another cofabger (a: pronounced co-faber b) I’m almost certain it is going to be dutch or rc c) I’m also almost certain it will happen at WNDC) will ask me about this and I’ll sorta talk about it but not really. Though, me saying this might make it so that that question will never happen which is the point of me saying it

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  1. Horrorscope and It’s All In Your Head were both albums I had dismissed as "that stuff on the radio in high school." And returned in the last few years to discover were great albums. If not objectively great or groundbreaking (they both sound like filler for any movie set in 1996), then at least stuff I can’t stop listening to. I just had this on in my car.

    We still menstruating at the same time?

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