NCAA Div 1-A Playoffs, KSG’s Brain Edition

In what is hopefully the last season I will actually have to run such an exercise, I’ve decided to take the whole season of college football and fashion it into an evil, socialist playoff system in which the conferences on welfare can rise up from their bootstraps… wait a minute, nevermind.


Let’s say hypothetically NCAA employed a playoff system for football like they do for basketball. If they did, they’d have some sort of selection committee, so my voice would only be one in a room of people debating the merits of certain teams making it into the field. Also, as it’s a playoff, winning one’s conference would earn an auto-bid. So, let’s break down the auto-bid winners:

ACC — Georgia Tech
Big East — Cincinnati
Big Ten — Ohio State
Big 12 — Texas
C-USA — East Carolina
Pac-10 — Oregon
SEC — Alabama
Sun Belt — Troy
WAC — Boise State

To keep the tournament at a reasonable size, let’s say we cap things at 16 teams (while I might want to expand to 24 teams and allow for some sort of bye weeks, I don’t think it’s necessarily the best idea). That leaves five at-large slots, which I’d assign to:

Virginia Tech
Southern Cal

(You could also make the argument for more than two teams per conference, which might be an arbitrary limitation, but I’m going to attempt this for now.)

Trying to avoid rematches for as long as possible, this is how I’d see the seeds working out (yeah, I’m one of those bastards that would rank Jesus Tebow & Co. at #2 and Va Tech above Ga Tech):

(1) Alabama vs. (16) Troy
(8) Boise State vs. (9) Georgia Tech
(5) Cincinnati vs. (12) Southern Cal
(4) TCU vs. (13) Iowa
(3) Texas vs. (14) Central Michigan
(6) Oregon vs. (11) Pittsburgh
(7) Virginia Tech vs. (10) Ohio State
(2) Florida vs. (15) East Carolina

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  1. That the Civil War did not result in an Oregon State victory. Because "OSU" has been one of the more confusing terms of my bar conversation this year. And a Rose Bowl that sorted all this out, and presumably made the loser change their damn shorthand, would make life a lot easier.

    Goddamn Ducks.

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