NCAA Rankings, 1/11/10

TW (LW) Team (Record)
1 (2) Texas
2 (1) Kansas
3 (3) Purdue
4 (4) Duke
5 (6) Syracuse
6 (11) BYU
7 (7) Kentucky
8 (5) West Virginia
9 (8) Kansas State
10 (10) Wisconsin
11 (19) Tennessee
12 (12) Villanova
13 (16) Michigan State
14 (9) Georgetown
15 (15) Pittsburgh
16 (17) Temple
17 (NR) Baylor
18 (NR) Northern Iowa
19 (NR) Missouri
20 (23) Clemson
21 (NR) Miami-FL
22 (21) Georgia Tech
23 (25) Florida State
24 (18) Wake Forest
25 (NR) Connecticut

A few notes:

Take these rankings as follows: I’m attempting to project seeds at the end of the year. i.e, my top 4 I would think will be the four one-seeds come tourney-time. So, why would the three in the top four that lost this week not fall? For one, their losses are to top-tier competition, and no one goes undefeated in this sport, so if you’re gonna lose, lose to top 25 teams. Secondly, the movement behind them is unimpressive. BYU had a solid week to move into a likely two-seed, and Tennessee beating Kansas certainly raised their stock, as it is something that people will likely come back and remember later on this season.

Many other Big 12 teams are starting to come on the radar now (exemplified by Baylor’s debut on this chart) as the top 4 continues to have two of their conference’s best atop it. Northern Iowa is worth a look; they play some exciting basketball, and if this does little more than have a few people in some far corner of the internet take notice of this Mountain Valley school, so be it. Something inside me likes slow, defensive college basketball (probably the same part of me that likes long, meandering Chilean films).

I love Kentucky basketball as much as the next guy, but honestly, something seems fishy to me. I’m not sold on John Wall being some gifted messiah, and when he goes first in the NBA draft, I’ll be glad he’s not being called upon to save my team. I won’t say they have played a weak schedule (wins over UNC, Connecticut, and Louisville can’t be called weak), but we’ll see how they fare in conference play (I’m betting on 11-5) before crowning them a 1-seed.