NCAA Rankings, 1/25/10

So much for Texas. Of course, losses to two likely tournament-bound teams is not the end of the universe, especially considering the rest of their resume, but it’s an unceremonious enough week to at least temporarily hypothesize that they will not be taking one of those precious number one seeds to the promised land come March. Ranks two through five rise up, though you could argue Duke saved face like crazy; following a road loss they probably should have with likely their best win so far this season at Clemson was all that kept them in the top 4. BYU continues to show 30-win potential (pre-MWC tournament, even), and will face one of their two tough tests remaining this coming Wednesday when they travel to New Mexico. Kansas and Syracuse… they’re good, they keep winning, no arguments from me here.

The funny thing about Kentucky is that I won’t argue that they have the potential to go 25-0. I still don’t think they’re on par with the top teams in the nation, because the way their schedule plays out, they hit a really rough run in the middle to end of February (Tennessee, at Mississippi State, at Vanderbilt, at Tennessee) where I still think they could legitimately lose all four (but will likely only lose three). Cousins and Patterson, you’re great, John Wall, please dear god stay in school for a few more years. You’re not done yet. Stay in the oven and let Calipari fix your butterfingers.

Villanova is in the same boat; ridiculously tough conference, and even though they may be the second best team in it (‘Cuse is taking that thing, period), they’re going to get battered on the way to the end. West Virginia, solid beating of OSU aside, is in the exact same scenario, and I can’t even begin to start predicting who will actually come out on top in the Big Ten, so we’ll just slap some of those teams in that general area and assume that’s acceptable (at this point, any of the four ranked teams ranked might have it, which explains why I’m selectively ignoring the second half of the aforementioned WVU game).

Sad to see Gonzaga and Northern Iowa fall, but winning by single digits over Pepperdine and losing to Wichita State aren’t going to cut it. They’re both still tourney bound, for sure, just not in as high a rank as I might have put them a week ago.

Awkward to have a Top 25 without a single Pac-10 team, isn’t it?

TW (LW) Team
1 (2) Kansas
2 (3) Syracuse
3 (4) Duke
4 (5) BYU
5 (1) Texas
6 (6) Kentucky
7 (8) Villanova
8 (10) West Virginia
9 (12) Purdue
10 (9) Wisconsin
11 (15) Georgetown
12 (7) Kansas State
13 (11) Michigan State
14 (16) Temple
15 (13) Tennessee
16 (21) Baylor
17 (24) Wake Forest
18 (14) Pittsburgh
19 (23) Missouri
20 (25) Ohio State
21 (22) Georgia Tech
22 (17) Clemson
23 (NR) Butler
24 (NR) Florida State
25 (20) Vanderbilt

No longer ranked: Gonzaga, Northern Iowa