NCAA Rankings, 2/1/10

And Texas continues to slide. Losing to Baylor isn’t the end of the world, but losing three of four coming out of an undefeated start is disturbing. Kansas, on the other hand, is looking more and more like a dominant #1, Syracuse a solid #2, and everyone else is dying to play catch up.

I’ve got little to say, other than to laugh at the idea of Cornell being ranked (but, hey, a 36 point win over the other good team in the conference, plus two of three losses being to Kansas and Syracuse, one only a five-point loss in KS, makes you look pretty good). The Pac 10 continues to fail, while the Big Ten continues to not have a definitive leader (though I’m still a little shocked Michigan St. is undefeated).

Not at all worried about BYU, despite a loss in New Mexico (a losable game, they only really have one more on their schedule), and I think a drop to 12 in the real rankings is unjustified (likewise, the AP boost to New Mexico is a bit much, but they should be tourney-bound). Northern Iowa is definitely my #26 right now; glad that they’re getting some press and some attention.

TW (LW) Team
1 (1) Kansas
2 (2) Syracuse
3 (4) BYU
4 (3) Duke
5 (8) West Virginia
6 (6) Kentucky
7 (7) Villanova
8 (9) Purdue
9 (11) Georgetown
10 (5) Texas
11 (12) Kansas St.
12 (10) Wisconsin
13 (13) Michigan St.
14 (16) Baylor
15 (14) Temple
16 (25) Vanderbilt
17 (21) Georgia Tech
18 (20) Ohio St.
19 (19) Missouri
20 (23) Butler
21 (NR) Xavier
22 (15) Tennessee
23 (24) Florida St.
24 (NR) Cornell
25 (NR) New Mexico

Dropped off: Wake Forest (17), Pittsburgh (18), Clemson (22)