NCAA Rankings, President’s Day

I’m fairly certain that, should anyone look at my list that hasn’t been paying attention, they’d call me an unabashed Blue Devil fan that is out of his gourd. Frankly, this is farthest from the case. After the obvious #1 choice of the Jayhawks, who continue to steamroll their way to inevitability, it’s my experience that college basketball is ruled by the best point guard in the land. And, when it comes to point guards, there is not one out there better at running his offense, not giving up the ball, etc., than Jon Scheyer. Sure, it probably helps that he plays 36+ minutes in a game, but if you asked me to make a team right now, I would be taking him over John Wall in a second (in terms of talent this year, not potential talent, where I might give you that Wall would win).

But all of this is irrelevant as the Jayhawks look like they’re just going to steamroll everyone en route to something obscene like a 47-1 season where they win not only the NCAA tournament, but somehow get into the NIT and that other end of season tournament and beat everyone in all of those tourneys as well.

Conference of the Week goes not to the Big 10, who sees Purdue shoot back up into the top 5, but the A-10, who reminds me that yes, in fact, this is a conference that could very well send 4 or 5 schools to the big dance. I was originally convinced that the mid-major conference du jour this year would be the MWC, but in fact, it seems that the A-10 may very well have it.

TW (LW) Team
1 (1) Kansas
2 (3) Duke
3 (2) Syracuse
4 (4) West Virginia
5 (10) Purdue
6 (9) Villanova
7 (5) Kentucky
8 (7) BYU
9 (6) Kansas St.
10 (8) Wisconsin
11 (12) Texas
12 (11) Georgetown
13 (13) Baylor
14 (16) Ohio St.
15 (NR) Xavier
16 (18) Wake Forest
17 (24) New Mexico
18 (NR) Virginia Tech
19 (20) Missouri
20 (NR) Temple
21 (NR) Pittsburgh
22 (17) Butler
23 (14) Michigan St.
24 (25) Gonzaga
25 (21) Maryland

Off: Tennessee (15), Georgia Tech (19), Vanderbilt (22), UNLV (23)