Lovecraft Week.


So two things happened at once. I took the weekend reading a bunch of Lovecraft stories back-to-back-to-back. This was a first. After a life of games, movies, music, jokes, comics and commentary, full of Lovecraft ideas, I finally scanned His Own. And was surprised. And disappointed. And impressed. And amused.

(Protip: Do read it while drinking, don’t read it after you take melatonin. Unless you have an audience. More on that later.)

But! There would be no Lovecraft Week without Sarah Palin. She did the second thing. She roused me from work-bred forgetfulness, and put this project on track.

Also, she may have actually pledged herself to Deep Ones. Or taken ecstasy with gin. Or maybe it’s Monday. I don’t know.

That makes me want to vomit.
Bizzo: It’s wonderful
"Man’s efforts have been futile"
Does she think the oil spill is Cthulhu?
Is she devoting herself to Cthulhu, to stop the oil spill??
What in the hell prompted that little outburst?
"Man’s efforts have been futile." 
I think she needs a hug.
Kablooie: if by hug you mean "poison" then I’d agree
Bizzo: No. We need her to run for office again.
With that as her campaign slogan.
Her VP will be a nuclear warhead. Named Vernon.
She’ll run on a platform of The End of The World, and America’s acceptance of a new life among the stars, past death, with her friends the Comet Bears.
Kablooie: and then the republican party will simply explode? is that how it ends?
Bizzo: Depends on how careless she is with Vernon.

Let’s go.