BSOW: Our Last Days as Sober.

Today’s BSOW, which I’m like 85% sure I’ve done before but am too lazy to check, is "Your Hand In Mine" by Explosions in the Sky. For two, very good reasons.

1) It is Frakking Awesome.

2) It is the beginning of "FNL" here in the Mind of a ditriech.

Ok. Let me explain the latter point.

I have a bunch of weird rules, traditions and shit that I do because I’m not normal. Like at all. Most of them revolve around football, predominately Ohio State football One of these traditions, that I’m pretty sure no one knew of before like nowsd2 is FNL.

It’s simple enough really, Basically, starting with the first Friday of August (i.e. today) I watch FNL every Friday until the collegiate football season is over if at all humanely possible. This is, actually, quite normal for me so far. The insane part started about 2 or 3 years ago when I decided that just watching the movie wasn’t enough. I had to make a drinking game out of it. This too, isn’t all that odd. The worst part is that I made a drinking fantasy game.

That I play by myself.

For like 16 weeks.

Well, technically 15. The first week is like a preseason to get me used to drinking Miller Lite again.

At home that issd4

But yeah, in case you were wondering the rules go like this:

Points are only counted during the 30 minutes pregame before you are watching FNLsd3, during the movie itself and for an hour after, but only if a) you don’t immediately watch something else and b) you play at least three songs from the sdtk while drinking.

I know

Continuing: each 12 oz can/bottle of Miller Lite is 5 points.

Each 12 oz can/bottle of Miller High Life is worth 4.5 points

Each 12 oz can/bottle of MGD is worth 4 points

Each 12 oz can of The Beast is worth 3.5 points.

For each 24 oz you drink, you add 1 point to the score. For each 40 oz, 2 points. For each 22 oz, add 0.8 points.

Highest point total after The Game wins. Low man has to buy the high man a beer.

It’s fun. I’ll be updating throughout the year via twitter.

Explosions in the Sky
Your Hand in Mine
The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place/Friday Night Lights sdtk

sd: A notable exception would be watching Fight Club. That’s rooted in living with The Griz and probably a sign that I am insane or something. Another one is the fact that I really hate eating with real silverware. Or the idea of owning a couch. But the latter has a bit to do with Fight Club
sd2: and may be more fodder for the "you know how I know that ditriech is insane?" list that I’m sure people havea
sd3: the movie, natch. The TV show would just be horrible for your liver. Or, you know, my liver seeing as I’m the only person doing this. sd3: I only drink Miller Lite at The Rhino, PBR at Bobby Lew’s, Sammy A at 19th, and Sierra at Toledo. See subnote "a"

a: And if they don’t I’m like 34% sure they’ll start one now.

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