Always bet with Black: New Beginnings. Or something.

Welcome once again to my favorite weekly post, Always Bet with Black. And, as per usually, we kick things off with a picture from Britty.

happy wants you dead
"happy will kill you", by Britty

Ah. She’s her brother’s sister ain’t she?

Anyhoo, for reasons known only to him, instead of the old format, young dits has decided to pick all of the games. He insists that this will make it easier for you, the reader and consumer.

What he’s doing is that he’s showing you the spreads they have (pretty much the initial ones) and what he’s betting on, using a gambling term known as "units". The units, typically, will vary week to week. But it’s basically a confidence rating. That’s really all you need to know.

We’ll keep track of both his actual money picks and his total picks. Possibly even picks by conference.

Also: we have no idea if Random Numbers is coming back this year, because of the Dutchman being busy with actual things. But we do know that Rabbit Day will be back.

Because it is awesome.

Picks below the jump?



USM @ SCAR (-14) [1 Unit]

Here’s the thing. I just don’t trust SCAR. Like ever. I mean, they can either be middle great or horrible. And this is the first game of the year. And they are supposed to be better than USM by 2 whole touchdowns? Really?

Also my grandparents are from MS

Marshall @ OSU (-28.5)
Gah. I hate picking OSU. Especially in blowout spreads.

Here’s the history (sorta). The past 4 or so opening games Ohio State has won by 20 or more. So a 28 point spread makes sense.

However! I, and from what I read on the internet a lot of fans feel, that Governor Tresselsd doesn’t like to run up the score.

But! This is a statement year. And we we need to kick the shit out of everyone and give them brand new names.

On second thought. Fuck this game.

FTR: OSU wins, Marshal covers.

NIU @ ISU (-4.5)

I know not much about either of these teams.

FTR: Fuck if I know. ISU wins, NIU covers? Sure.

Pitt @ Utah (-3)

Look, a 3 point home spread basically means you are even. About. It’s a little different in college football because the teams are less equal, but in NFL the teams are given about a 2.5 point home advantage. So in my logic, pretty much anything less than 5 is about a tossup in college football. So it’s not a bad idea to take the dog.

FTR: Pitt wins outright and therefore covers.

USC (-21.5) @ Hawaii [1 Unit]

Ok. This is the stupidest bet I’m taking. I think. But here’s my reasoning: Hawaii is far away. USC is on hard times. Hell, they had a recruit leave before the season started They are installing a new coach, and ostensibly a different offense. And Hawaii is far away. And Hawaii. I mean, if any school has a chance to not be blinded by the awesomeness of Hawaii, it’s USC.

But still. 3 plus touchdowns to a mentally beaten team with a new coach who probably doesn’t have the respect of his players (yet. not saying that he won’t get it) because he left UTenn after 1 season? In their first game, and it’s away?

Zona (-15.5) @ Toledo

Ok. As of right now, this is a game that I am not betting. At all. Mostly because of my supreme hatred for the city of Toledo. Like I hate that place. I mean, if it was Akron Ohio, I’d totally take this game. An Ohio MAC team spotted 15 pts at home? Fuck and yes.

FTR: Toledo covers.

WMU @ MSU (-23)

lol. But you know how I feel about big spreads.

Still might take this though.

FTR: MSU wins and covers

Miami U. @ Flo-rida (-35) [1 Unit]

Yeah, I just said "you know how i feel about big spreads" But unless Ara Parseghian , Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler and Ben Roethlisberger all come back. Flo-rida wins this game, and big.

Also: this is the second stupidest decision I’m making. Probably.

Texas (-30.5) @ Rice

Big spread. Home dog.

Fuck this game

FTR: Texas wins and covers

Purdue @ ND (-11) [1 unit]

1) I really need to start spelling Purdue correctly in my first drafts. Sorry Purdue

2) ND 11 points better than a major conference school? lolololololol

UConn @ TSUN (-3)

See the Pitt/Utah game. Except that I don’t really know how good UConn is.

FTR: Push. Srsly

Kentucky (-3) @ L’ville [1 unit]

This is a really, really fun rivalry game to watch. It’s awesome. Which Is why I’m picking the home dog. Its a rivalry game, after all.

New Mexico @ Oregon (-34) [1 Unit]

New Mexico is really, really bad.

And Ducks stick together right?sd2

UCLA @ KSU (-1.5)

Uh. Yeah. I got nothing

FTR: KSU wins? Sure.

‘Cuse (-9) @ Akron [1 Unit]

I just don’t think that ‘Cuse is a good team. At least not two scores on the road better than most people. But still. I’ll take the home dog.

Memphis @ Miss State (-21.5)

If this was a barbeque cook off, I’d take Memphis to cover.

But it isn’t.
FTR: Miss State covers

Washington @ BYU (-3)

Fuck if I know.
FTR: Washington covers and wins

Wazzu @ OkSU (-15)

Sure Ok. State wins. Why not?
FTR: OkSU covers

San Jose State @ Bama (-37)

I hear-tell Bama is pretty good at this "foot-ball" thing.
FTR: Bama covers

Utah State @ Oklahoma (-34)

As is Oklahoma.

LOL JK. But at least better than USU.

FTR: Oklahoma Covers

Army (-10) @ EMU


FTR: Army Covers

Northwestern (-5.5) @ Vandy [1 Unit]

Srsly. The LOLCats are favored? I mean, yeah, it’s Vandy and all, but you have to take this game for SNG rght?


OrSU @ TCU (-14.5)

God. This might be the best line that Bodog has this week. Well, the OSU one is pretty good too. That’s why I’m staying away from both though. And if it was 1 point different, either way, I’d fucking take it. Buying a .5 point wouldn’t be worth it. Like at all. But yeah. Good line.

FTR: TSU wins and covers

Cinn @ Fresno State (-3) [1 Unit]

Am I taking this game because its a basic pick-em and Cinn is in Ohio no yes.

Wisco (-20.5) @ UNLV

With my luck, I take this game and Wisco wins by 20.

FTR: Wisco wins by 21

Tulsa (-8.5) @ ECU

I’m not even sure if either of these are D-1 schools.

Ok. Kidding. But still. Wat?

FTR: Tul-sa?

SMU @ TTU (-14)

I don’t know. New offense for TTU . First game of the year. Slip ups, INTS. Anything can really happen

FTR: SMU covers

UMD @ Navy (-6.5) [1 Unit]

Point of Personal Privilege. I play the Army/Navy game every year as the first game on NCAA. And I’m always Navy.


That’s about all I’m going with here.

BSU (-2) @ VaTech [3 Units]

Look, I know that Boise State is supposed to be decently good. Or near great. Or whatever. But VaTech always seems to be a team that impresses me. It could be that I grew up on B10 football and the Browns and whatnot, but I like the way they play. So yeah, I’m going for it on this one.

I will probably lose.

Colorado (-12) @ CSU
Illinois @ (-11.5) Mizzou

sd: I say again, I call him "The Governor" instead of "The Senator" as the interwebs seems to like to call him is that he would not leave Ohio. Being a senator would move him to the cesspool that is Washington, DC, and we all know he’d just punt that shit.

sd2:"Offer does not apply if your name is Masoli"