On that note.


Warthog: have yet to find the adapter
they’re pretty cheap, if I can’t find it you might as well just buy one
Bizzo: Cheap my ass
Warthog: $10?
Bizzo: $40
Warthog: (link to product for $9.00)
Bizzo: (link to product for $3.00)
Warthog: $40???
People think that there is such thing as a "Premium" HDMI cable….
Monster clads heads in rubberized plastic to give it a "premium look" and feel but it’s the same stuff ….
RadioShack will try to sell you "gold plated" RCA cables which don’t do anything
Bizzo: Oh I know
It was Radio Shack that priced me at $38 plus tax
Warthog: HAHAHA the secret with radio shack is that you have to know what you are looking for…
Bizzo: The secret is their business is obsolete.
So they’re trying schemes to stay open
Bizzo: When I bought the audio cable, they also tried to pitch me on selling them any used gear in my house for resale.
Warthog: Wow. That’s new.
Bizzo: I didn’t actually say "Jesus Christ you’re the GameStop of batteries."
But I’m glad they underlined that in the most hilarious way possible.
Warthog: hahaha
Bizzo: btw I watched the [Daily Show] episode with this segment
And then there was a commercial for this

Bizzo: We as a people are doomed.
We would finance a bagel at 1000% interest, if you offered us the contract at breakfast.
Warthog: LOL
Bizzo: Jesus
I should show up at Radio Shack with a bunch of random shit pulled out of my old computers, a detailed reading of their credit plans, one of my offers for a Capital One card
Bizzo: And in one hour, convince the clerk to give me $300 in exchange for a lease on the interest on the converter I just financed in his name.
Warthog: Can I please securitize the debt then bet against it?
Bizzo: Yes
Warthog: Awesome. I need to sell folks on both securities and create a converter bubble…
Bizzo: We could take the $3.00 ( / $38.00 / $300 loan / $4,500 market offering / $50,000 loss to all parties in 3 years) DVI/HDMI converter to the Smithsonian and have it preserved for all time.
Bizzo: The best trinket since the O ring from the Challenger.

Bizzo: back to work …
Warthog: back to obsessively hitting the "get new messages" button…
Bizzo: Dude, I told you. Shipments from Thailand take a while. And they poke air holes for her.
Warthog: >.<
Bizzo: … wait was that you [redacted] or the other [redacted]?
Warthog: >.<
Bizzo: that key might be stuck.