Apparently we’re starting this again.

Well, apparently Dutch started writing again with this and as we all know, as Dutch goes, so goes the Nortonsd.

But I mean, it makes sense that we’d be writing again. I’m, again, working at a mall. I’m, again, hating lifesd2. And, again, I’m drinking heavily. Well, semi-heavilysd3

But srsly.

The plan is for us to randomly, but more frequently, use this blog as an elaborate ways to make fun of each other and spark debate amongst each other. I’m probably going to write mostly about the maddening insanitysd4 that is my life, television, and NASCAR.

The last one solely to piss Dutch off. And the first one will probably be done better, but a lot more, well, existential over here. And yes, probably there will be a shit ton of side/footnotes. This is for two reasons. a) because apparently, my mind does not live on the same plane as everyone else’s b) a tribute to DFW, patron saint of Upper Norton and, naturally, cofabg.


Here we go. Again.


I have it on good authority that Advice Dog might answer questions again soon. You can ask him questions via email at advice.dog.at.psiuppernorton.com or on formspring.

There will soon be tumblr integretation for him too. So don’t fret.

sd: I may be the figurehead of Norton but Dutch is like the soul or something. Notice we all have xbox360s.

sd2: Though, really, this is probably the most ditriech quality ever.

sd3: Ok, ok, this is the most ditriech quality ever.

sd4: does that phrase even make sense?