Ye Black and Tans


It’s an open and shut case, but I can’t resist commenting on Peter King. If you told me someone was this stupid, this tribal, this ugly, and a coward when confronted, i could have told you he was an Islanders fan. We’d just have to narrow down which one.

Ooooh I’ll get that varmit! 

Sympathy for the IRA is an American thing. While King was losing his hand in his front pocket during Michael Collins, the Irish had already turned against the Provos, who were professional gangsters at that point, "liberating" small businessmen from their money and uncooperative Irish Catholics from the use of their legs. Heroic campaigns they continue to this day.

Irish Americans have blood on their hands here. During the 90’s idiots like myself were the only community still funding these these thugs. A fact both the Irish and British governments brought up after 9/11.

I speak as someone who grew up with catholic school, The Boondock Saints and "reassembled" irish bars (sold to credulous O’Yanks by the Guinness company) pouring 20 ounce pints while old suburbanites sang Follow Me Up To Carlow after my graduation. I understand the appeal. You feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Your grandmother tells you "that’s your Irish side" when your family hasn’t had an Irish name for generations.

With the Old Cause in your eyes and Jameson in your everything, you don’t stop and think. That whaterver Irish side you have clawed its way out of Ireland and never looked back. And why did that happen, again? Forget it. Something to do with how AWESOME Ireland was. More beer.

The Ireland we remember is an Ireland we invented. Customs and passions that help us, here. The Irish themselves are not extras at some theme park. They’re real people attempting to govern a country 100 years later.

But what a sales hook. What an invitation for con artists who come to New York and Boston and Nassau County, and do a jig for another year’s worth of heroin and bullet money. 

It resembles the pitch that makes 3rd generation American and British Muslims charge off to fight holy wars for the Caliphate.

But it would take a smart man to notice that, or care. It would take an honest, thoughtful politician to see how a story he knew could shed light on dangers we face today.

We got an Islanders fan.