Things To Not Use As An Insomnia Cure:


Exhibit One.

It’s funny I went on about tonal discomfort two days before I used this book in a way no doctor would reccomend. I’m very lax in my Alan Moore knowlege. I’ve got Watchmen and some Lost Girls and now this. But even with that small sample, I’m ready to call out my favorite strength of his: godlike mastery of tonal discomfort.

It’s one thing to write "I felt horribly interested at the same time I felt disgust." That’s what Lovecraft, for instance, would say. He’d use four or five synonyms for "disgust" and twelve commas before he finished saying it.

Moore uses the story organically. Moore walks you to that state of mind. Then he makes you live there a while. He builds a story on the spot where you are processing sex and rape and jokes and death and discovery and horror all at the same time. Then he invites you to have tea.

In the end you have to be horrified at yourself, if you’re horrified at all. Then you have to condone yourself to keep reading. Which you will.

You’re locked in here with you.

Happy Halloween.