Pick an enemy.


For other reasons, I happen to know Contra Costa County is a ridiculous place. It didn’t need the extra distinction of a mayor renouncing Veteran’s Day "in favor of" Occupy Wall Street.

What a tangled up country this is. Could anyone explain to her that most of the people in that anti-establishment rally probably Support The Troops? That there are veterans in that rally, and that they are not protesting the war or the millitary? Probably not. A 60-something mayor of a small Southern California city is still marching against Johnson. Against the fucking army and the fucking office and the whole fucking power thing, man. While Newt Gingrich is still waddling around the world looking for fucking hippies to give haircuts and a goddamed job, already.

Those Occupy protesters who have jobs have very good jobs, probably. Those who don’t (especially those who were in the army, and want an office) can’t get one. They’re in the street because the world between those realities is vanishing.

I joke in my last post about how bloodless and tired any political process looks, when that process produces shambling suits like Gingrich and Romney, and fires them off to fight the ghosts of 1968, again, while more and more people in every town can’t find a way to live.

I guess the joke isn’t very funny.

The enemy of this country is not its army. The enemy of this country is not its students. The enemy of this country is not even its bankers. Really.

The enemy is the idea that we can live apart any more. That America in 2012 can indulge the same intravarsity score-settling that made our parents’ America so transformative.

We do not want to socialize the banks. We do not want to take your guns. We do not want to revoke the New Deal. We do not want to overturn Roe. We do not want to work for China.

And for the love of god, you lunatics, we do not want to build a flying highway between Alberta and Mexico City. What the hell would you do with that? Get there and turn back around? Pee over Kansas and watch the wind blow it to Oklahoma? Jump off? Would you people either take your medication or die, already? 

Where was I.

I want the Republican party to be functional again because I want this country to be functional again. All of it.

I hope our parents will understand that stance, someday.