About Confessions

Confessions of a Beirut game is not your typical blog. We aren’t a sports, politics or news blog, though we will probably talk about these things. We aren’t a personal/live journal-esque/cutter blog, though some of these topics will border/complete jump over the line of these topics sometimes. We aren’t a team blog, mostly because none of the members care what one another is writing about, in most case, w/r/t their own posts. If you had to classify Confessions, it is a blog about self-fellatiation and self-flagellation. Of fanaticism and frustration. In a word, its Blogsome1.

Its written a group of people who met each other in college, and enjoyed each others company. Somewhat. They live around the country and therefore have gained the right to pontificate and editorialize on topics that they would otherwise have no right to pontificate and editorialize on.

But what’s important is that they do if for the love of the blog. So you should read.

sd1 portmandu of blog and awesome.

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