Questions People would ask if they read cofabg

What is Confessions of a Beirut Game?
Basically, its a Blog that we started based around our simple, yet effective fraternity.

What is Confessions of a Beirut Game about?
Simply put, it is about whatever we would talk about around the Beirut table. To be honest the table is where, especially now, were we make our best arguments (in general) and have the deepest discussions. This may be sad for numerous reasons

What is Beirut?
Beirut is the game commonly known as Beer Pong and/or Pong to other folk.

Why do you call it Beirut?
Well, insofar as ditriech is concerned, Beirut is a game that you play by throwing (and/or bouncing) ping pong balls into a cup. Beer Pong is the game you play with paddles and such.

I find the ‘Beirut’ to be offensive.
Well, to begin, that’s not a question. But, ditriech finds the term “African-American” to be offensive. So there you go.

Hey! Listen, the game is named ‘Beirut’ because it represents the bombs dropping on Beirut, Lebanon during and throughout all the military campaigns that have been waged in that wondrous city.
Again, not a question. But ditriech finds the term African-American offense because it perpetuates the subconscious belief that Black people aren’t real Americans. Because you’ll never hear anyone from the European diaspora referred to as an European-American. Also, African-American is just plain stupid because Africa is a frakking continent and not a country, further perpetuating the myth that Black people have no home to go to. So the next person that says anything to him ever about Beirut being offensive without a real argument is going to have a serious problem with him. Because American language in general can be found offensive.

Do you people really talk about these things around the table?
WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE We mean, uh, yes, we do. I’ve honestly learned so much about people that I’ve played against, mostly because winners play winners over and over and over and…anyhoo. The more you play against the same people (and keep in mind most of us have been playing against each other/around each other for like 7 years) the less you have to talk about unless its pretty deep stuff. Or random things you just found out. So we decided to start a blog to sorta replicate that.

Is Beirut really the only thing that ditriech is good at anymore?
Yes. But at the same time a resounding no.

Are you affiliated with the Wednesday Night Drinking Club?

Is there a comment policy?

What is ditriech?
A person.

No, what is it? Is it a name? I googled it, but got a lot of results for Marlene Dietrich. Is that right? Is that how they chose their name?
No. ditriech is actually an acronym that is in all lowercase almost all the time. He created it when he was 16/17 because it the name of one of the songs that he wrote, and he liked the way he pronounced it. In 2001, when he was trying to find an AIM screenname, nothing else he wanted was available, so he went with ditriech.

Why does ditriech write so much?
Because he is the best writer EVAR It’s mostly because he can write the quickest. It takes him shorter to go from concept to creation than most people. This is normally not a good thing.

Does anyone else call him ditriech?
Sadly, no. He wishes they did though. Seriously.

Why does ditriech never have capital letters?
Because ditriech feels as though it works better that way. Seriously, if you just understand this philosophy, then cofabg will make a lot more sense to you.

How do you pronounce ditriech?

How do you pronounce Bizzo?

How do you pronounce Dutch?

How do you pronounce cofabg?
CO-fab. The ‘g’ is silent.

How long has cofabg been around?
cofabg has been around since Early January 2007, though it really didn’t start becoming serious until about 10/07.

Why cofabg?
(16:35:54) ditriech more worried about cofabg stuff right now.
(16:36:36) WhamBangThud Portmanteau?
(16:37:26) ditriech portmandu and yes. sorta.
(16:37:39) ditriech technically, the abbrev for confessions is CBG
(16:37:57) ditriech because the rules are first word, last word and all important words
(16:38:03) ditriech or something
(16:38:06) ditriech anyhoo.
(16:38:11) ditriech I don’t like CBG
(16:38:18) ditriech nor do I like COABG
(16:38:29) ditriech because it would technically be CoaBG
(16:38:34) ditriech and that looks stupid
(16:38:43) ditriech so I stylize it as cofabg
(16:38:46) WhamBangThud Walk.
(16:38:49) WhamBangThud Outside.
(16:38:52) WhamBangThud Apartment.
(16:38:59) ditriech
(16:39:00) ditriech why?
(16:39:04) WhamBangThud Do not return.
(16:39:07) WhamBangThud For several hours
(16:39:16) ditriech why?
(16:39:23) ditriech you think this is something I just thought about today?
(16:39:25) ditriech seriously?
(16:39:40) ditriech I don’t tell you people anything unless I’ve been thinking about it at least a week
(16:39:46) ditriech and this one as been a month plus
(16:41:03) ditriech (serious question) does U2 still tour?
(16:42:01) WhamBangThud yes
(16:42:14) ditriech …we honestly need to go
(16:42:30) ditriech ….

Also, about right for anything we write here. There’s no rhyme or reason. We do it because it feels good.

What is a ‘jeesh’?
Pronounced “jay-eesh” and jeesh is a group of friends or an army. Stolen from “Ender’s Game”.

Why should I join?
Because it’s awesome? Also: because you get cool stickers. And, theoretically, anyone in the jeesh can write for cofabg. Because we are democratic like that.

What does “sd” mean?

Why not sn?
Because sn makes ditriech (and, after careful consultation, Zero Dutch) think “serial number” and not sidenote. So ditriech created sd.

What is an ADU?
The absolute short answer is that ADU were updates that ditriech sent out weekly to his friends. They then turned into pretty much forum threads. That experience is what made ditriech want to even consider something like cofabg. ADUs get referenced a lot because they were frakking awesome. Seriously.

What’s up with the name changes? Like Bama became “Beautiful Loser”, Dutch became “Zero Dutch” and ksg became “vonschiller”. What gives?
Well, no one knows why BL changed from Bama. But Zero Dutch and vonschiller were changed to keep more in line with the games that cofabgians play. So that ditriech can keep them straight. Because he isn’t very smart.

I’ll say!
***ditriech holds b&jolnir

More questions?

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