The Blog Aide Programme

The cofabg Blog-Aide Programme

The Confessions of a Beirut Game Committee on Blogging Behavior and Standards,

Alarmed by the lack of posts throughout the months of November and December,

Aware of the other time commitments that cofabgers have,

Observing that we need to get on the proverbial cofabg ball,

Noting with regret that no one will actually join the programme,

Further believing that actually writing this resolution is solid proof that ditriech has gone ’round the bend,

1) Creates the Blog Aide Programme (BAP) to facilitate the cofabg blogging process;

2) Designates ditriech as the Head of the BAP;

3) Reminds ditriech that the BAP is in no way shape or form to be used as his personal “hook-up bin”;

4) Encourages the cofabgers who take advantage of the BAP to keep steak well stocked;

5) Resolves to remain actively seized of the matter.

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